Sunday, September 23, 2012

How to Feel Better

We all have those days when we feel like crap.  Days when someone has run us over and we just want to run home and cry to Mum to make it better.

Of course when you're nearly 40 that isn't exactly a practical suggestion.  I just don't think someone with a kid of their own, that is nearly a teenager, should run home after a bad day.

So I did what an self-respecting woman should do - I went and bought new shoes. Shoes always make me feel better.  I would love to be Imelda Marcus and have a huge room and 500 pairs of shoes and lots of opportunities to wear them.  Personally I think I have about 50 pairs of shoes, maybe more.  I have managed to get through the first two weeks of the year only wearing some repeats of shoes. It makes it harder to chose what to wear when you have to not wear favorite shoes more than once.  My current favorites are a pair of Steve Madden silver/gray ones.  They are high, but comfortable and look great with so much.  Steve Madden happens to make my favorite because they have a nice wide toe box (my feet are widest at ball of my feet) but a narrower heel.  I appreciate how they a re made and they do tend to have more padding at the ball of the foot as well.  Not the best made shoes in the world, BUT I have a great fear of trying on something that costs more than $100 a pair.  Mostly because I have a serious shoe fetish.  And I'd be spoiled and never be able to properly enjoy my collection again.  Therefore, until I make my first million, nothing too expensive even gets a try on.  Sad.

I now have a FAB - U - LOUS pair to wear to a wedding tonight.  Sparkle and everything.  I have decided to dedicate my Twitter account to tweeting pictures of my shoes.

And just as a reference, here is there pictures of my shoe storage.  I am in desperate need of a second shelf.  Perhaps in the new year I can get that done.