Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Blog 365 Project: Day 1

So I am attempting to Blog for 365 days. I decided that more than anything I needed a theme to work with. I took a long look around my house and decided that there were lots of things I could choose, but I needed to find something easy to get and bring together over the year.

The theme I ended up choosing is a mash of two things: (1) Moon and stars and the word (2) Dream.

I am going to do all kinds of things revolving around the ideas and see how much I can come up with.  I've got some inspiration and hopefully I can get through the entire year.

So the first image is the star in my house that I'm most in love with at the moment.  I love this wall and what it says about my family.  I don't have all of it because it does show names, but it's a hint of my life and reminds me of who I am and who this family is whenever I get home.