Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Downton Abbey Christmas

Last year for my mom's birthday, she received the Downton Abbey cookbook.  She then managed to get it in her head that this year, we would have a Downton Abbey Christmas.  And being a good daughter, I was happy to oblige.  It involved finally subscribing myself to Pinterest, a whole lot of searching and pining, shopping trips to several stores and a last minute trip to Office Max for printing, but I managed to get it all settled.

Here's the final product:

Looking down the table toward the living room.

Looking across the dining room to the buffet.

Views of the centerpiece.  
Done with dollar store vases, electric candles and a few real candles for the lights.
Pine cones are from Michael's.
Three strips of ribbon are the anchor - one red, two burlap and gold - from Big Lots.
Paper accents are printed out from the internet.
Red and gold bulbs are also Big Lots.
Greenery is from Walmart and the Dollar Store.

Place settings
Placemats from Target
Red Chargers from Michael's
Mom's Christmas dishes and red napkins
Place tags are from the internet. 

 The Buffet
All of this was from my mom's collection of Christmas items.  All I brought was the pine cones.

It was nice to work with a theme this year.  It certainly made planning a lot easier.  Silver would have been a bit more traditional, but we wanted to use the Christmas china so that made red and gold more practical.