Saturday, January 8, 2011

Random Thoughts

So here's the goal for the new year, attempt to post once a week. I keep having great posts rolling around in my head, now I just need to type them out and let the rest of the world enjoy them. Of course the physical act of sitting down and typing things up doesn't always work that well. Maybe I just need a keep who follows me around and tells me what to do and when to do it. Now that would be nice. Think someone could arrange that for me?!


Didn't think so.

In the meantime, on to the list of random things.

1 - Proof I have named Paranoid and Delusional accurately
You would think that I had named them correct merely because that is their names, but occasional proof is a fine addition to those who need it. So my black cat is named Delusional. Why, one would wonder. Well the answer to that is obvious. He thinks he's in charge of this house. That is when he's not thinking he's a dog, playing fetch with his ball by himself. Or thinking he's a human by taking a whole seat of the couch by himself. Paranoid's (the orange one) proof is a lot easier. Get out the vacuum, he hides (even if you are just moving it from room to room). Let him fall asleep, hear a noise, cat pops up, staring around for the source of the sound, certain something is out to get him. Sneak up on him, watch the cat jump forty feet into the air. At least his paranoia provides the rest of us with endless amusement. But then both of the seem to be absolutely certain I am going to never come back on Fridays and feed them. As if I could forget their bottomless stomachs.

2 - Food or Why I hate my Hips
I eat and it has a horrid tendency of attaching itself to my hips and leaving itself there. It is stubborn about being removed despite my endlessly badgering. So I have made the historic decision to do something about it. I enjoy eating so I don't really WANT to do something about it, I'd rather just watch Food Network and allow myself to wallow in everything full of fat and sugar. But the mere thought of a heart attack at 40, or earlier, has convinced me that it is not acceptable to continue on in such a manner. I need to learn new habits. So in order to have a heart that continues beating and to reduce the cholesterol clogging it, it is time to lose the weight so that everything else goes down to a normal level. But that means, less than 1000 calories a day, losing most of the caffeine I had been ingesting and no more sweets. Hopefully I can make it through this regimented life. There is no end goal for this, just relearning how to eat and PORTION PORTION PORTION.

3 - Christmas
This holiday was rather enjoyable this year. I think I received some brilliant things and it was a time when I felt glad that I was a mom and was about to give Kieran everything he deserved which was the best part of all. Not that I spent thousands or even hundreds on him, but enough to make sure he was happy and enjoyed his time and really feel like he was a kid. It made me feel good as a parent to see him happy and I felt like I was successful as a parent which recently had been a hard thing to come by.

4 - Money
I think the last time I had posted I had been worrying about money. I think I have managed to solve the problem to some degree. Hopefully.

Okay - my brain has now derailed. Of course part of that is because Delusional has returned to his favorite napping spot and is kneading the blanket on my lap which must mean it is time for another nap... Maybe.

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