Sunday, March 27, 2011

Looking Around the House

I realise that I have lived in this house for over six months. In fact, it was about this time last year wherein I came to see it for the first time and knew it was just what I wanted for me and the Monkey. It took some doing and some managing and a heck of a lot of worry and waiting and fretting, but I got it in the end. Now is just the part of making it look like I want instead of somewhere I just moved in and set up some furniture. Things are in process. This is a part of the process at this point.

Missing from the photos are the garage and basement, the bottom floor in reality, street level. For the most part, they just house the car and are a convenient walk through to the main floor, which is where we spend most of our time.

Standing in the kitchen looking at the stairs down to the basement:

The living room where we spend most of our time. This is the east facing side of the house so it gets lovely morning sun. The yellow wall is going to go navy. Eventually.

This is standing where the tv is and looking at the couch. You can see the splash of navy on the wall. It is a start at trying to find the right color of navy - which is harder than you'd think. On the other hand, the carpet needs to go. I think the cats have radar in terms of knowing just to throw up ON the carpet instead of the easy to clean laminate. It just needs to go. I've at least got a color range for that picked out.

Standing in the living room looking into the kitchen. I am hoping to turn it kind of a light sagey green. I've picked out new handles, but am saving up to get them. It will make the kitchen look less yellowy and more neutral. This place started out with a lot of yellow based colors and I'm moving it towards the greyer end of colors since that is more of who I am.

More of the kitchen. I also want new counter tops and a back splash. Some day...

The dining room. I like the color, but it is not what I am going for in the room. You can see I tested things on the wall - that's kind of the color I am going for, but it was a bit too blue and not grey enough. Color tribulations.

Standing in the dining room and looking at the stairs to go up. I want the carpet on these stairs to go. Merlin spends his life shedding on them. They're never clean. I would have to vaccum two hours every day to keep it clean.

My bedroom. The wall was my best find. It was a returned gallon - got it for five bucks. I had the shelf. The curtain rod was 2 and the fabric headboard piece was only 7 and I have a lot more of it. You didn't get to see the cool duvet and pillows since I was cleaning, but they are nice - patterend shades of gray.

Another carpet I want gone. I hope to dye the curtains black since I like the pattern that they have - very antique kind of look.

The new art I made for K.

Monkey room! He choose the colors of the walls, I choose the curtains. He wanted it to look like an ocean.

Craft room! Kieran picked the colors here as well. I happen to love them. I think I am going to take time to paint all the furniture white to have it retreat. I also want the carpet in this room gone. But with the shade all the way up, it is a great room to work in. I also freehanded the poppies on the wall. I love how they pop in comparison to the dark wall color.

That would be the sum of it. I didn't photograph the outside or the three bathrooms. Perhaps another time. I just need to learn how to lay laminate floor next. Anyone want to teach me?!

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