Friday, November 20, 2009

Further Twilight Thoughts

I have to admit - I still don't get all the Twilight hoopla. I don't understand the fascination with Edward - pale and sparkly doesn't do it for me. And this totally creeps me out. Small children and vampire love - not a good combination. Like I said before, not my cup of tea. Bella still irks me. Jacob is a better character - far more full of depth in terms of reading and a bit more swallowable in terms of the whole 'magical mystical' animal/creature front.

But hey, it takes all kinds.

Best part of the books so far (just finished with New Moon) was the whole argument between Bella and Edward about the getting married versus immortality. That was amusing and for that split second I was totally in love with Edward, but then he was all soppy and teenagerish again and bleah. I just didn't get Bella's whole issue. She'll give away her LIFE?! but won't get married? Seriously? Who can KNOW that they are constantly going to want to be with one person. It's IMMORTALITY people. It doesn't come with a refund. I'm with Edward - who'd want to buy into that! At least with getting married, it's not forever....


I did just write that.

Maybe I don't get the books because I don't understand what that kind of love really means. I've never felt that kind of 'oh my god I can't live without this person' feeling. I was going to say I don't think something like that really exists, but then I had to stop and have a think.

It does.

Maybe not with all the teenage drama and sighing and brooding and smoldering that Stephanie Meyer seems to give it, but it does. I can remember my grandparents having that kind of love. They died within weeks of each other. It could have been that they were both rather sick and definitely towards the end of their lives, but you know that they did die because one could not live without the other. And then I was thinking further... my best friend in college was like the whole Bella and Edward thing. Well, she's not even remotely Bella-like, but the romance was the same kind of unable to live without you feeling and knowing the moment that you met that you belonged together. It was that kind of awesome thing to watch... to be a part of... and then to watch her when her husband died... yeah, I can get how Stephanie Meyer would think that exists.

But it's not happened to me.

I wish it would.

Maybe I am just not that kind of person.

i'd love to meet someone who could just take me away - sweep me off my feet like that. Maybe I'm just too, hmm, untrusting maybe? Lack of confidence? not in the right place at the right time? Yes, I've been married, but was it that kind of 'choir of angels singing' moment when I met him - probably why I am divorced as well. I've never meet anyone else that could be that "Bella" to my "Edward" (I refuse to link my name to hers I'm too damn opinionated and cranky and demanding to be Bella). I've found comfort and closeness, but ... not that kind of moment.

But of course, I wouldn't want a sparkly vampire to bring me that moment. *g* I don't want him to be soppy and romantic... but having the moment would be nice if nothing else. Some things are just not meant to be ....

Maybe I should move to Oregon and stalk pale men who drive Volvos while wearing specially knitted mittens....

*eye roll*

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