Thursday, December 31, 2009

Into the New Year?

So someone explain to me why I am sitting home again on New Year's Eve. I don't think I've been out on New Year's Eve since I lived in the Frozen Frozen North. You'd think, being young (snort) and single (despite Monkey Boy), I'd be out partying in my heels and pantyhose and Spanx.

Clearly not.

Instead, I plan on continuing to wear down this seat on the sofa and hoping to go my son goes to be sooner rather than later so that the SpongeBob marathon ends. Please - let it end.

But then, maybe it is just a sign that I am old and a fuddy-duddy that I don't go out and try to party hardy. I have to admit that I don't have party filled friends (or even that many friends) nor am I dating someone. Heck, I'm not even looking cross-eyed at someone....

Which brings me to the real issue of all things. The fact that I am not dating. How do you meet people when you're divorced and have a child to care for?! I love the ads on tv that make it look so EASY. *snort* Nine times out of ten the real issue that I have is that the people I'd like to date won't look twice at me and the people willing to date me are less desireable than reading A Tale of Two Cities and then critiquing it with literary professors who admire Dickens.

How do you find that happy medium?! People who you'd consider dating and who'd consider dating you in return. I'm no longer at the point where I am surrounded by people who I can date - as I draw the line at dating small children and that is who I work with. I've been told to consider meeting someone at church, but being a divorced recovering Catholic, this may not make me all that desireable in the Catholic church. I don't think jumping from religion to religion is a good idea either in order to just find someone willing to date me. Besides, most people seem to have found someone in college and I'm not going back to that since I rather like being employed.

And then some people have all the luck. I mean, my mom lost my dad at a fairly young age (though older than I am now and more willing to not have children - maybe that is my sticking point, I want at least ONE more child). Three years later she decided to date and went out on ONE date and that was the man she married three years later. *bangs head against things* Seriously. How does someone get so lucky?! What did I do that it doesn't happen like that for me?!

In the meantime, I shall hope that the new year brings new things and new opportunities. And if you happen to find my Mr. Prince Charming wandering the Frozen North, could you send him over?! Let's just make it easier on every one. It's not like I have that many demands or anything - just intelligence, a wicked sense of humor and a never-ending desire to worship me... Nothing all that complicated considering worshipping only involves moderate offerings of gold, jewels and foot massages..

But as for the rest, may the world be good to you and yours this new year. And bring you all you desire. And that you think good thoughts for me and my quest for the new year.

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  1. I came across your blog because you mentioned your optimism, and of course had to read it! I have divorced mom friends dating, too, and I hear it ain't easy...not everyone is your mom who meets Mr. Right in one date! If nothing else, maybe step one is that you at least admit and believe the right guy for you IS out there. If you don't believe it, why bother looking, right? But if you believe it, he can come. Either way, just know that, as requested, you have at least one person thinking good thoughts for you and your quest for the new year. :) —Amy