Friday, July 22, 2011


Today I finally finished installing my brand new IKEA floor in my living room. It took a lot in terms of physical labour, but in terms of time, no more than about 10 hours total with clean up of the mess from cutting wood.

I can't believe I did it.

Yes, there are imperfections, but in the end it looks very good and will look even better with all the furniture set in.


See again?

The process wasn't that hard in terms of mental work. It was a bit tricky in some areas and you had to have a bit of finesse, but once I got in the groove, it actually was quick. Physically though you end up completely and utterly exhausted which I definitely wasn't prepared for. the cats referred the underlayment as it crinkled when they walked on it and perfect to lay under and be hidden.

I figured out what my real problem was when I started.


It is funny what we are afraid of. I was afraid of the saw and timid with it and it was using that and taking more control of the wood than I was. I was timid about putting things together, not pushing or forcing things to be as they should. It took time to realise that was what was happen. Once I admitted it and gave up the fear and took control, I found things went a lot smoother. I was willing to tackle it and do what needed to be done. I took control and let go of the fear and trusted I could do it. Then everything went like clockwork and turned out fantastic.

I am glad I trusted and let go of the fear.

It made all the difference.

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