Sunday, July 31, 2011

Crazy Mixed Up Dreams

So I wasn't sure that I wanted to post this, but in the end, I need this crazy mixed up OMG dream out of my head. That and someone to tell me what it all means. I am sure that there is something deeply psychology about the whole thing. And another part of the issue is that it was a dream that occurred near the time I finally woke up. That makes for weird dreams regardless I am sure. I think what makes it even weird is that I wasn't able to make any connection between the dream and what I had been doing before or after.

I dreamed I was Ginny Weasley.

(This is where the WTF?! really begins. I haven't done or said or interacted with anything Harry Potter in AGES. I have not seen the last two movies or the current one. It has been years since I read the books or did any kind of HP RPing - though I will admit that I did often RP as Miss Weasley though she wasn't the person I RPed most recently. And I've been reading Game of Thrones which bears NO resemblance to HP in the slightest. And before I went to sleep I did NOT remotely think about HP!)

I was definitely Ginny Weasley though. It was a first person dream.

So the dream started out with the sense that someone was watching us - somehow we (I am not entirely sure who the we was - though my sense is that we were rebels (against what I know not) and needed to get away from something) were in trouble. We ended up watching some kind of show wherein we were still trying to hide, but people were being paired up. Of course, as Ginny I was paired with Harry (which is odd for a dream since I don't ship H/G). You watched these scences as lighted windows with shadows moving behind them.

Then of course (as its a dream) we shifted location. We ended up in some kind of remote rocky location where a group of us were trying to figure out a way to kidnap the minister (and no, I did not watch any heist movies recently either). I don't know what it was a minister of or who, but they were TEH EVIL to some level and we needed to get them. In order to kidnap the minister, we had to do so in the midst of a car race. It was a cross country race at high speeds. So most of the dream is about the group of us (Harry, Hermione, ron, Luna, Snape and McGonagall) had to use a combination of magic and car mechanics to not only win the race but also kidnap the minister (seriously - how did my brain come up with this?!). Funnily enough, Ginny (me) has learned how to drive and tune cars at University. (Really?!) It takes all of us to get the car to the speed and then Ron, Draco and I (all together in the front seat) drive in the race. (You cannot even imagine how my face looks at this moment - I can't believe this was in my brain!!!) We stopped the car carrying the Minister by using our car (?!?!?!) and Ron and Draco kidnapped the minister and I put in a new engine (we needed to go faster!!). We got the minister back and then we all had to scatter. Of course, I had to go with Draco because no one would suspect that I was with Draco.

Yes, bizarre. But what I haven't put in here is all the subtext between Ginny and Draco and Snape ending up with McGonagall (!?!?!?!!!!). Clearly my brain needed everyone paired up. But then D/G is definitely what I ship so that does make some kind of rather twisted sense in terms of the dream.

The rest makes none.

And now I am going to go and use bleach on my brain.

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  1. Hehehehehe.If you've got an HP itch to scratch, we could come up with something in gdocs.