Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I suppose I should pay more attention to this blog.  Maybe actually use it to write or something.

Or something.

I am not even sure what I should write about.  I am definitely very busy with work crap.  Alright, I shouldn't say crap.  But some days I feel like I wade through far too much of it.  Mostly you want to occasionally knock heads together because you think that some days adults should act like adults.  And you want to be treated (and better yet PAID) like a professional, then you should stand up and act like.

People either get that or they don't.  I can't make them do what I want.  You can lead the horse to water but you can't make them drink.

In the end, I need to focus more on my house when I am here instead of recovering from work.  I have managed to paint the basement.  I need to get the floor laid.  I decided to put down an IKEA laminate floor which is going to make a difference down there.  I considered one of those peel and stick kinds of floors, but I ended up deciding that it would be better to put down something I knew about.  I think it will look better.  Of course I also have a wonderful new saw to help me lay it and I think it will make a difference.  Now I need to decide what kind of furniture to put down there.  I decided it is definitely going to be an office area so I have to measure and lay everything else.

I did get a new piece of furniture to refinish.  It is a super cool vanity. I found it for a grand total of $35 at a thrift store.  It should be awesome when done.  I need to sand it and either paint it grey or black.  I would love to even use wallpaper or something on it - like on the drawers or something.  I shall have to think on it.  Of course I should also consider painting the walls in the bedroom.  I also want to do the bathroom.  I pulled down the extra cabinet that was over the bathroom toilet.  it was super ugly and not me.  I think I might put something up instead, but what I am not sure what.

Now I just need to find motivation to get all this stuff done.  And not want to sit around and cuddle my purring kitty.  I need a purring kitten.

And a hot man.

I wonder which one I might actually get ....

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