Saturday, December 3, 2011

Just so you know...

It is about that time again.  Another delightful update.

This one topics three important topics:  1. Home Improvement 2. Cats and 3. Christmas.

Why one might ask?  (or might not.  Maybe you merely accept my idiosyncrasies.  If that be the case, I have some people you need to talk to....)

In the meantime, let us continue on with the show starting with topic Number 1:
Home Improvement

One must continually improve one's home.  How Am I doing that these days?  Well the painting is done aside from the touch ups to the dining room.  I made the rather sweeping decision to not change the paint color in that room from what the previous owners had.  It's grown on me so now I just need to find the paint gallon down stairs and bring it up and touch up where I have tested other colors. 

Aside from that issue.  I have not done much else.  I did take Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend and go to IKEA for the deal that they had on the four cubicle shelves.  They were only $19.99 and well worth the price.  Now I just need to get them together and get the basement all settled.  I am hoping to have some desire to get that done tomorrow.  On the other hand, there is a lot of stuff to prep for for the season with shipping overseas and the like.  I have GOT to get my Redditt SS stuff sorted and mailed.  I also have the Sam-chan to get done as well.  And as both have projects that are handmade, I can't mail until I finish those.  I think the basement might have to wait until Christmas break.

I could also consider painting my bedroom them.  And getting the flooring for the basement.  I know I should consider doing that before setting the furniture but the cost isn't something I can afford at the moment.

(On a side note, I hate these Lexus Holiday commercials.  Seriously!  NO one gets a car for CHRISTMAS!  And David Bromstead, I liked you and then you did a room based on Twi-*gagging sound* -light and now I can never see you in the same way - handsome and all.  My heart must solely belong to Nathan Fillion now.)

Aside from that issue, I have other IKEA things I want - my bed for one.  My new sofa...  I think i may have spent my tax return before I even get it.

On to topic two:


I love my cats, really I do.  I seem to constantly have them cuddling with me these days - either in bed or on the couch.  It makes it difficult to get up and down off the couch and get anything done.  I am usually pinned to my seat by this large fluffy black thing.  It is heavy and keeps me pinned down.  I can't think of why he does it other than to keep me from moving and suck out all the heat from my body.  They get warm and warmer and I freeze regardless. 

It may be a way though to make sure that I don't accidentally shut my cat outside again.  Yes.  I shut my cat outside.  Here is how it all ran down.  I went outside to unplug the lights on my balcony.  Normally my cat ignores the door.  This time, it (this is Delusional btw - Paranoid is too agraphobic to go outside or come near the door regardless of where I am), followed me out.  I unplugged the lights and came back in and shut and locked the door and went to bed. 

Paranoid was not himself in the morning.  (Which shouldn't be that odd, but he was).  I finally realised, after most of my chores, that Delusional was missing.  I finally found him outside.  He had managed to get himself shut out on to the balcony.  I can't believe it.

Of course, they have been clinging to me ever since.  I have been trying to craft and they have been 'helping'.  How do they help?  Sit on my lap.  Chew on packaging.  Bat the jewelry chain around the room.  Of  course.  All things the cats should do, right?

Could someone inform me again of why I have these things that meow constantly, get themselves locked out and eat me out of house and home?!

Yeah.  I didn't think so.

TOPIC 3: Christmas

I am constantly amazed by Christmas.  First of all, this is my favorite season of the year.  I love nothing more than decorating for the season and all the things that go with it.  I like shopping for people and finding just the right present.  I like making things for people.  It is just a super enjoyable part of the year.  Of everything that is just what I love.

I am annoyed about crap at work meaning that we can't celebrate the season or even enjoy Christmas kinds of things with the kids or Hannukah or anything.  It is so annoying that I can't have that enjoyment.  I do get to go to the Nutcracker tonight though so at least I get something.  And I have brilliant shirts from Old Navy to wear about all the time - well, when I am not at school clearly.

Well I had better go.  the cats are meowing and clearly they need to be fed.  Far more important than anything else.

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