Tuesday, December 27, 2011

So what is Christmas....

It is one of those things that doesn't always seem to boil down to words.  Funnily enough I had a lot of pictures of people last year, but this year I didn't seem to manage that.  I am not sure why family didn't come into a lot of pictures because I was definitely with them.  Family is what makes everything worth while.  It makes the days good and enjoyable.

Well that and time off of work.

Luckily I have been off for nearly a week now and it has been quite worth it.  I definitely needed the time off and to rest and get some sleep.  It has been delightful.  So far the part was the long and quiet walk around the neighborhood looking at the lights from Christmas.  It was cold though so I wasn't out as long as I might have liked, but perhaps next time.  At least I didn't freeze to death! 

Least favorite so far has been the hideously long drive to Duluth and back.  No one likes to drive, but I am glad to have gotten to spend time with my boy-o on Christmas day.  And the weather was nice which was delightful so the drive was easy compared to the last time I had to deal with that.

Pictures I have though are the things that remind me of the holidays....

Cookies - handmade by my mom

A month's worth of work - delicious and delightful!

We spent six hours frosting cookies, but every minute was worth it.  Such a great plate this year!

Family - Wild and Wacky

Kieran and a video game

Mom, Leah and John in the common gathering place - the kitchen

John in his great new hat
Christmas table setting - always my favorite thing to do

Biggest view of the table

Better view of just the center piece
 I have to admit that the whole thing was about $10 or so.  The glasses are all from the dollar store, painted with modge podge, rolled in Epson salts and glitter and lit with battery operated tea lights.  The silver paint cans are from the dollar section at target with dollar section bulbs in silver.  I think the most expensive part was the two trays.  They were from IKEA, but worth the expense.  The green is a garland from the dollar store.

Place setting with Christmas cracker - silver chargers from the dollar store.  I love the dollar store!

Better view wherein you can see how warm the room was with just the candlelight going.

Christmas tree - I love my tree.  I am so glad I took off the blinkers this year.  It's nice and warm looking.

All lit up


Playing with the camera settings.  I think I need to learn a bit more about how to use my camera

Kieran on my tree

Using the flash - almost all ornaments are homemade - such a nice feeling...
It was a good Christmas and a time when I felt much better than I have in a long time when facing this time of year.  And for once a new year shall bring peace.

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