Sunday, December 4, 2011

What I want for Christmas....

I have decided that what I really want is a date with Nathan Fillion.  I wonder if I can put that on my Amazon list?! 

*click* A date with Nathan Fillion has been added to your wishlist - tweet about it?

Okay so he's a real human and can't be randomly collected like some kind of baseball card.

Maybe I will just settle for a date.

Dear Santa,

Please bring me a hot man.  Sense of humor required.  Must tolerate cats and nine year old children.  Desire to have babies a large plus.

Love and believing always -


I don't think that always works either.

I have to admit though that despite blogging twice in two days (somewhere along the line a new record), I am actually feeling rather content at the moment.  There is little to complain about other than work which is not one of those things I can really fix as you are not allowed to simply eject the stupid people from the bus.  Instead, you just encourage them to find a seat closer and closer to the door.  Someday they might even get the hint.  Possibly...

Maybe santa can give me an ejection seat....

I did get to go and see the Nutcracker ballet last night.  I love the music and the power of the dancers.  It was a nice small community kind of production though you could tell the dancers were professionals if nothing else.  The budget was not spent on the story telling though.  And they did not have a lot of male dancers - perhaps a common issue.  I missed some of the parts of the story - the tree growing, the prowling evilness of the Mouse King, Clara's excitement over her new dress.  I have a version of the story that talks about how the nutcracker came to be so imprisoned which is so wonderful.  I would love to see a ballet that incorporated some of that.  A lot of what I missed from this was the idea that this happened to possibly be a 'dream' and how the dream was to have had echoes of what happened to Clara the night before....  It's all just a part of the magic and mystery of the season.  That part that appeals to the romantic in me.  That person who desires hearts and flowers and all kinds of love and to be swept off my feet by prince charming....  Ooo - maybe Santa could bring him!

I am currently watching Holmes INspection and I have to say - I hope that I never have this man in my house.  Not because he's not great at his job - I wish more people had the work ethic that he does, but having him around means my house has LARGE problems.  I am thankful then that I had the inspector I did.  Even though he spent three hours here and climbed in and out of every thing in the house, I know I'm pretty good.

My train of thought derailed with a screech and a shuddering thump.  I think it means I should go and sleep

Or craft.  Whichever comes first.

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