Sunday, July 26, 2009

The art of the Nap

Everyone thinks that naps for for babies or small fluffy animals.

I beg to disagree.

Naps are for all ages and sizes and should be mandatory in school through at least high school. I would be so much better at my job with the guarantee of 30 minutes of recharging on a daily basis. Who wouldn't do a better job? My students could have uninterrupted quiet time. Of course the argument for something like that would be insane since most parents fear even allowing snack or any break from regimented academics. But then, few parents understand the taxing adventure that is school these days. Most assume we either play for 90% of the time and color for the rest or have no idea how one manages one seven year old much less a classroom of 22 of them - all with different needs, desires, wants and levels of parental input into their lives.

But that alone is a rant for another day and time.

Today is about the Nap.

A blissful mid-day or mid morning period.

Time to recharge. To snuggle into your couch and have a touching bonding moment with its fabric and cushions.

To investigate the inside of one's eyelids for light leaks.

To feel the heaviness of a cat lounging on top of your suddenly still and stable body, purring in hopes that you might barely open your eyes or move just enough to pet the stupid furry thing.

To feel the tug of a small child who seems to have forgotten all abilities that belonged to it in the morning to whinge about the need for Koolaid or some other beverage.

To dream scarily of Martha Stewart remolding your bedroom with a sledgehammer and a blowtorch because the television was left on.

Ah - the nap.

But at least one awakens somewhat recharged with a new perspective on why one get's a better sleep at night.

And what does Monkey Boy do when I attempt to nap? This:

Why yes... he does play a Nintendo DS with his feet.

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