Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I am borrowing a Cricut from a very very very nice coworker for the week. She has willingly allowed me to bring it into my home and cut apart things to my little heart's content. There is nothing so blissful to a teacher as freshly cut apart pieces of paper. It makes it palpatate with please.

Bum bumbum bum bumbum.

I love loading it and see things come out all beautifully trimmed.

We did have to have a serious discussion about recognizing exactly which buttons I am pressing and that I am speaking about things it must do and am not to be disobeyed.

The most amusing thing - other than not having to cramp my fingers with scissors to get each and every piece cut out and when you have 24 students on average - you have a lot of cutting to do - is Delusional's reaction to this piece of machinary.

First of all, Delusional would like to think he's a person. This of course is not true. I know this because I know few people who walk on all fours, meow and have fur (and if you are one of them, I don't think we should talk).

Second of all, Delusional, if human, would be certifiable. Paranoid would merely be on lots of large pills and have a small place to sit and rock and hum until he felt better. Delusional is just... he's the Joker of the cat world without all the guns and explosions.

Thirdly, Delusional considers all machines that move back and forth and spit things out to be scary and his mortal enemy. I don't think they wear capes and leather, but I don't pay too much attention at night. They must be watched. And stalked. One cannot nap when they are working. One must watch them at all times. Delusional actually got up the MOMENT I turned on the machine and sat just out of its reach and watched suspiciously until it ceases.

If it continues, I may just pin him down to the sticky board and see if it works on cats just to know how paniced he will get....

*evil cackling ensues*

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