Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Contrary to what you are thinking, I'm not going to write about the school for my children, but the school I am attending.

Somewhere along the past year, I lost my mind.

Not literally - that happened eons ago. In fact, I am not sure I ever had one. I'll have to examine that fact.

Needless to say, in the past year I somehow managed to lose my grasp on reason. How can I tell? I signed up for a summer class.

Not just any class, but one wherein I actually I have to work. It's one thing to take one of those summer classes where you kind of slough off and do a little bit of work and pretend that you are paying attention to the online discussion in a random sort of way. It's easy, you end up with clock hours and renew your license and then go on your merry little way - cackling at the A you received for merely living and breathing.

I didn't go that route. Oh no.

I decided that I wanted to earn something new - an additional license. Oh for joy.

So instead I get these horrendous long things I have to read and process (ick) and have to read and write about an extra book. It's work. Darn it all. Lots of work.

I hate work.

Tell me again - why did I do this to myself?

Is it over yet?!

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