Friday, July 31, 2009


Let me explain to you one of my pet peeves.

Yes, I have more than one. In fact, I rather think that listing them all would take more time and energy than I have inclination. They are from the mundane (people who can't put carts away) to rather seriously annoying (the America 'public's' view of education and teachers in general). I could lecture for hours on just sthose things.

But I digress.

We're just going to talk about one.


People who are supposedly well versed enough to earn a license in their given state and have enough funds to purchase a vehicle.

This does not mean that they know how to drive.

Let me explain to all of you out there who aren't so sure about the most important item to be used in driving a car - the gas pedal. It is not the break. It's the gas. Gas means go. When you drive on a freeway, you use the GAS so that you GO. You do not use the breaks. You use the GAS so that you GO. The speed limit on our main highway from the city is 70. The average idiot uses the BREAK more than the GAS and does not GO 70. Most go 60.


I get it. Not everyone likes to GO. I know I have a lead foot. I believe if going is good, GOING is better. Not everyone wants to GO like I do. Not everyone clearly knows where they are going.

Here is my hint for today and I'm not even going to change for this simple piece of advice.

If you are not going to GO, do not drive in the left lane. Do NOT toddle along, humming happily to yourself in the left lane. The left lane is only for those who wish to GO. I should not have to speed around you on the right. Really. In fact, in case you missed it, most highways have this cunning little sign that says 'Slower traffic move right'. If you are not going my speed, YOU ARE SLOWER. Therefore you are supposed TO DRIVE ON THE RIGHT.

I do not think these are hard concepts.

Perhaps I'm wrong, but I don't think so.

Just remember to drive on the right unless you're passing and we'll all be okay.

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