Saturday, February 13, 2010

Today I sucked a cat up out of the carpet and other news...

The worst thing about a long haired cat? Vacuuming.


Now, actually I have to admit, I love to vacuum. Who doesn't? So fulfilling with a clean floor with neat patterns and soft carpet under foot when you walk.

But after you're done, at least with my model, you have to empty out the canister. It is so gross when you have a long haired cat. The dirt you pour out is disgusting enough - and I'm not a person who cares much about dirt - but the cat hair is enough to turn anyone's stomach. What ever possessed me to have a long haired cat? Something must have gathered my brain and wrapped it in the cuteness of kittenhood in order to make me forget to realise what a long haired cat might do.

I had to clean the entire canister and STILL then pull out hair. GROSS. It coated everything.

Is it really animal cruelty to shave your cat or is it just facing the fact that no one likes to pull out hair from their vacuum cleaner for upwards of 15 minutes afterwards?

Perhaps I shall experiment with that and let you know.

And while we are speaking of fixing things, let's discuss how we stop a seven year old boy from talking like a baby. I know girls did it, but never was aware of boys pulling the same thing. Of course this is the same Monkey who used to prance around the school like a pretty pony (my words not his) (and how else would you describe walking around with your hands up in front of you like horse legs?!) and has a thing for my heels?! SHould I be concerned?! Though I suppose not because he might be *gasp* gay or something like that. *snort* He can be gay all he wants, but flaming weird?! That I am not sure about. Heck, I'm good with overt geek who collects video games, nerdy accountant and even crazy rock star. But weird?! I'm not sure I'm prepared to go there. I shall have to contact Mrs. Piggle Wiggle for a cure...

In other news, I finally managed to clean a good portion of my flat. The worst part of being a single parent - aside from having to drag a small child with you every where you go and not being able to date on any kind of a consistent basis - is having the energy to deal with cleaning every evening when you get home when there is no one else there for support. I can't stand that. It's hard to enough to battle with the Monkey about the little things, but to add into trying to keep the flat clean is tough. And I hate cleaning with a passion. When I win my millions, the first thing I get is a maid. If I never have to clean again, I'd be happy. And it is definitely not one of those side jobs that I could manage. I'd rather shoot myself in the foot and have to manually cauterize the wound.

On the other hand, I have yet to manage to grade a single paper. I wonder who would notice if I just randomly gave papers a grade instead of actually grading them?! That would be far more entertaining for me if nothing else. Probably a bad practice... So that means I had better do it then?

Perhaps I'll let the cats do it instead. They need to be good for something other than clogging the vacuum.

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