Sunday, February 21, 2010

Notes, Dreams and Ponderings...

I just want to know why it is that I have crazy dreams. Is it something that I eat? Is it something I can control?! Actually I don't think that I can control it. I just wish I could open up my brain and download it into my blog because some of these could seriously make heck of a book. I mean, if Stephanie Meyer can make money writing crap my fantastically unusual dreams would be far more interesting.

Dream #1 -
Somehow this was influenced by reading about the Bachelor on MamaPop (which is funny enough to make me pee my pants laughing, but never something to actually inspire me to watch that kind of trashy tv). It was about like 4 boys and 3 girls or more (not sure exactly) living in some house and randomly dating one another. One of the kids was famous for some reason (not sure what) and I was all about having to try and date each one (yes, I was one of the girls) and arguing about how I should get a chance to date the young and handsome hunk who was a star of some kind. I didn't want to be excluded just because I was older and not as hot as all the other girls. I think this bizarro dream was also influenced by the fact that I was watching a rather badly acted (I can soooo act better) cheesy Disney teen movie. Oh Here if you must know... Though I also think this may have been influenced by reading about Percy Jackson.

Hey, at least I keep myself entertained and off the street. It always makes a difference. Now, this would clearly not make a good book, but it does lead me to another question - why is it that I always want these blond guys in my dreams?! Why is that? Most of the times, the blond happens to be the guy I had a crush on all through elementary school. (We will protect his identity as I am sure he'd rather not to be associated with this weird little blog.)

Dream # 2 - Far far more psychotic. My guess is that this would be enough to get me committed in some instances. This one I have no frame of reference of where it came from.

Somehow there was these four different people who were all being stalked through time by some serial killer for a reason that I couldn't quite place until the end. It was all about how this one girl loved this other boy who was younger than her and taking care of him and others were just letting it happen. Odd - I know. This one I didn't seem to be a part of for the most part because I was watching things. Somehow the person who was doing the stalking was able to manipulate them through time and even had the ability to make what they thought was their dream and then turned the dream against them. Like someone was going to be having a family and then the family that they thought was theirs was killed - that kind of psychotic little twists. Somehow at the end the four people that were being hunted were kids again and I adopted them and was planning on protecting them from the person hunting them.

Really I need my head examined.

Of course it is better than dreaming about work things which would have made me crazy.

There are some things which no one needs.

Now I'd best get work things done so that I can go to bed at a decent time.

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