Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Animal Kingdom

This was probably Monkey's least favorite place to visit. He's not a big animal person in general (considering I can't drag him to the zoo when he's in a good mood!). Therefore this was not his idea of a great time. It was hot and therefore he was exceedingly crabby. Monkey and heat just do not mix. It's rather like putting a live tiger and a bunny rabbit in a cage together and hoping they both come out alive. Sooner or later, something is going to go wrong.

We did okay with breakfast at the Rainforest Cafe. Monkey ate (lack of food has been another reoccurring theme). Then we went out into the park. We started the day with the Safari Tour. It was great. Kind of like the Jungle Cruise but on land and with live animals. I suppose that makes the only similarity the fact that they both require humourous drivers. I enjoyed it if nothing else while Monkey wanted to know if it was time yet for playing his DS and could he go back to the hotel now. This was the recurring theme of the day.

Before total patience was lost, we managed to get through a train ride around some of the area and a ride on the River Rapids which left us all soaked and dripping wet. By then Monkey was at his height of annoyance and demanding to be back at the hotel. He and I had several words most of which seemed to involve tears and gesticulating and wringing of hands and claims of lack of loving. It was not a high point. I was sure I wasn't going to be one of those parents who was scolding their child in the midst of the park, but some things leave us where they are and little can be changed about things once items are in motion.

Monkey and I eventually sorted ourselves out. Calmer, we stopped and played some of the carnival games wherein he promptly won two new 'friends' - a sea serpent and a turtle. Both of which have names though I am unsure what they are at the moment. I clearly need to be better versed.

We returned to the hotel and eventually went out and did some swimming before getting dinner with grandma and grandpa poolside. It was a lovely end to the day and Monkey was much more refreshed after that. He is loving the pool and grandma has promised him swim lessons when we return to our section of the world as she would like to see him become a stronger swimmer. He does well now, but a lot of his swimming really just involves diving in and around the water - not swimming from place to place. He does have good lung control - possibly better than mine!

Finally we all managed to toddle off to bed - making the mental note that perhaps Animal Kingdom was not the best choice for a Monkey who isn't keen on animals and would rather be strategically attached to his DS. One does live and learn.

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