Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Final Countdown

Last Day.

Monkey's day of choice. He choose to swim in the morning and then go to Epcot (or as he would say it, Ep-ee-cot - why? I have no idea. We do teach appropriate diction and pronunciation in this family). While Grandma spent the morning with him and enjoying the sunshine (while forgetting the needed SPF 50 on his shoulders! Darn you grandma!!! At least it wasn't too bad), I went into downtown Disney.

Why one might ask? Downtown Disney is really about shopping and shows and shouldn't I have had enough of those in the parks? Not really. Number one reason was that I needed some time alone and away from the Monkey. Too much togetherness is never a good thing. We love each other dearly and it is good to have time together, but it is always better with time apart mixed in. It is just human nature. We do better that way and I know it. Monkey doesn't quite know it yet, but he will in time. So I went to have some time alone.

Number two reason was that I was on an a hunt for an illusive item. A Holy Grail of Disney items. Something that would make me the envy of all small children every where...

Phineas and Ferb merchandise.

Don't tell me you, like the myriad of Disney employees I stalked *ahem* inquired of, don't know who Phineas and Ferb are?!

Go and school yourself then.
You should be ashamed of yourself for having missed the Disney genius at work.

The true disappointment is that they didn't have anything. How is that for annoying? They tend to get everything LAST and not first. Sad, isn't it? Dude. I'd have thought they were the mecca of all things Phineas and Ferb, but I guess not.

Anyway, after the lunch meal, we went to Epcot. It all started with Spaceship Earth again. Monkey and I did the Kim Possible adventure twice despite the down pours of rain. He had a croissant and I had a crepe. We wandered through the Japan store which was interesting and listened to the Taiko drummers. He had some pokemon love. We visited Canada which was fun - the video was quite good. Then we stay again for the fireworks. It was another great end to the day.

We had to toddle back and get ready to head home. Then we had to have a run for the bathroom before we could get on the bus and retreat to the resort. It was a good end to the trip - like ending on a big bang.

In the end, I think Monkey enjoyed himself. He had a hard time with the heat and the walking was harder on him than expected, but I am glad I didn't bring a stroller or rent one. At the same time, he would have enjoyed staying at a place where he could just play video games and swim. I think the experience is something going to be remembered more fondly than the moment being fond. The heat combined with not enough sleep and poor eating (it's hard to eat well when you only like a few things) made it harder for him to enjoy every moment. Next time, we'll bring our own bread and peanut butter, stock in crossiants and chocolate milk.

But in the end, there was magic.

Bright eyes watching fish being fed.

Laughter over a soaking wet mom.

Hiding from the big splash at the end of Splash Mountain.

Wacky futures on Spaceship Earth.

Awe of fireworks.

"I Love you Momma."

It's all in the small moments.

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