Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Well in case you haven't been following my life as closely as you should be, I'm traveling at the moment. My mother, stepfather, son and I are on the grand adventure called Traveling With Small Children to the World's Most Crowded Vacation Resort (otherwise known as Disney World).

The process of preparing for this journey took over six months, a million phones, weeks on the internet and enough patience that I should be qualified for sainthood. Seriously. Preparing was monumental and that was only making the lists for these things. Besides getting ready for this, I also had to get ready for school and that is enough to give most sane people a mental breakdown. I'm rather glad I'm not sane for just that reason. Who wants to be sane? I'm of the opinion that sanity is over-rated.

Aside from planning, the trip has been rather uneventful. We traveled in high style - economy by Northworst. At least this time they didn't manage to lose anyone's luggage. Usually the theme with them is to lose something that we might consider valuable. Hey - they even gave the Monkey Boy a whole can of Sprite without a single begrudging.

There was a great deal of laughter over my Mother and her commentary on things - namely how she was going to steal into first class and take over their food. Of course they paid $10000 for their ticket so heck, they should have some decent food if nothing else for those kinds of outrageous prices. And they were clearly into protecting said food on the other hand. To protect first class from us wild hooligans who were salivating over their brilliantly odorous lunches, they had a HUGE barrier in place. No one could see a way around this amazing obsticale. It was enough to deter those who cowered in the face of the mighty authority who's name is STEWARDESS.

The rest of us undid the velcro rope and tromped through, enjoying the luxuries of first class. Sniffing the odors of their delicious foods. Stroking the tops of their chairs.

So the flight went well. Monkey boy was a dream passenger - playing quietly throughout the whole trip and generally keeping himself entertained. They applauded all the small children for excellent behavior when we were done. *snort* Aren't children just supposed to be good?! Or at the very least be constantly trying without heaps of praise.

Regardless of that, then we went to have some lunch (a daily allotment of grease) before riding on the bus to Disney properties. From there we entered our room. They politely delievered my bag for me and then we went and had some lovely dinner (pizza - the ultimate food group) before swimming and having a quiet night in. Tomorrow - Epcot!

Pictures, to follow along, are here!

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