Thursday, August 20, 2009


Today was Epcot. We were up early which was fine with me, but the Monkey Boy was not so certain. He would have rather slept as long as possible. What did he think?! That this was a vacation or something?! We had things to do and places to be! We got on the bus and to Epcot early enough to be there before the opening which was a rather cool thing.

We survived the mad trampling (ie gate opening) and went straight to the Test Track. Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude. I could have ridden that one about twelve times in a row. Monkey boy enjoyed it, but didn't want to go again. Then we went and got fast passes for Soaring and then to the Under seas exhibit. Monkey Boy LOVES himself a good fish. No wonder he loved Nemo for a year. Seriously we spent nearly an hour there wandering around looking at the fish. And the dolphins. And the manatees. The best part was the feeding show. They fed the rays and the other fish in this big aquarium and that was pretty awesome.

Then we went and rode Soaring after a spot of lunch. We wandered a bit more and then left the parents behind so Monkey Boy and I could return to the hotel. He was tired and hot and ready for some time to relax. We spent some time in the room and then two hours in the pool. It was very exciting. He enjoyed it which was all that was important. Nothing better than swimming in the pool. If he wasn't already Monkey Boy, he might have become fish boy....

Aside from that, I only have these few comments to make:
(1) Disney knows how to move people. Seriously. They can get you from A to B faster than greased lightning. They move millions with ease. It really is amazing. I'd love to have a chance to sit in a security booth for awhile and just watch them move people. They are clearly talented in that area.

(2) Disney is not the land of beautiful people. Seriously - NOT beautiful people. In fact, I'd almost go as far as saying the land of ugly people. If you want to see beautiful people, I'd recommend just about anywhere but Disney. The amount of inappropriate wearing of clothing and bathing suits is scandalous. If your fat hangs out of it, please, don't wear it. I'm not saying don't be fat and wear a bathing suit, just that they make things that cover these things (and I should know!). No one wants to see your fat - certainly not me. If I wanted to see fat, I'd go home and look at myself in the mirror. And men, speedos are a no-no in a family resort. NO speedos! None. Never. I think they should be marketed as ILLEGAL.

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