Sunday, August 16, 2009


So I live in an apartment that could qualify for the fifth ring of hell at the very least in terms of heat. I seem to be missing the laughing cackling evil things with pitchforks and the pots of flame, but hey, it's nearly the fifth ring of hell. I consider the apartment something of a concrete box surrounded by concrete boxes. I get no cell phone reception inside and it retains heat from now until December. I turn on the heat for two days in January and that's about it because it retains so much heat.

While it's nice not have to heat the place because it's so well trained in retaining heat, it's annoying in the summer. I get the afternoon sun and it heats the apartment despite closed blinds and ritual sacrifices. You can fry and ego on the wall of the outside of the apartment over an hour after the sun goes down it retains that much heat. Therefore I have to have the air conditioning going 110% of the time otherwise I really do live in the 5th ring of hell.

No one wants to live there - well unless you like to cackle a lot and have a thing for pitchforks.

And if you do... have I got an apartment for you!

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