Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I love to shop. I know there are people who don't, but I honestly love it. I don't necessarily like to buy (and right now have NO MONEY with which to buy), but I love to wander around and search for things - especially bargains. I like trying things on and fine special delight in shoes. Luscious in more ways than one.

More than just shopping though, I love shopping with others. Need a shopping buddy? Send me an email, I'm happy to come along. I love the challenges and delights in shopping. And I can convince people of what looks good on them - hence why my brother has a purple shirt and tie to wear with his new shoes.

Most of all, I love shopping with my mom. (*waves to her mom*!). I have to admit that I love my mom. She's an amazing person from top to bottom and we always have lots of fun together. Some day I will relate to you the story of cleaning out the basement and the tupperware attempting to claim us when we weren't screaming at the mouse droppings and spiders. Brilliant fun.

I love shopping with her. She's such brilliant fun. I think it's the best just because she always laughs at my stupid jokes. Just like a good mom, she thinks I'm funny and allows me to wander about the store attempting to amuse myself by showing off hideous fashions. Some clothes are just not made for real people. I admit it, I'm not a skinny minny, but then skinny is not attractive. Thinness can be, depending on how it is displayed. I have to admit, I'd rather see people with a bit of 'meat' on their bones as opposed to thin enough to see your ribs. Clothing appears to be made for the refuges of concentration camps far too often. I mean, just look at the manaquiens in the store. Those aren't shaped like real people! Those are the kind of people who only eat lettuce and come out at night. But it is just not the size that is ridiculous - it's the colors and patterns! You should see these things. *shudders* And then there are people who actually buy and WEAR these things....

And that is why Ilove shopping with my mom. She totally lets me run around the store like mad and make hideously stupid comments on the clothing choices. That and she lets me tell her what to buy.

So nice that your mother can take direction from you.

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